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Agile Governments

Governmental departments and bureaucracies develop business processes over many years to serve the needs of the people, implement their legislative charter, and support the will of the current government leaders. As leaders, legislation, and politics change these systems must change to support them. However, as with any large and complex business processes, these tend to grow in complexity and leave behind many non-useful artifacts from the past.

Most governments have been operating for many years and so these systems are some of the most complex, inefficient, and slow of all. These manual and inefficient processes provide ripe opportunity for corruption and local unofficial power structures. Of course these all work against the goal of supporting the people and leaders.

Even when the government leaders see this problem and try to upgrade their systems with nation building efforts, they must be very careful to make sure they are truly creating an agile government. Making large investments and adding computers to the mix will not truly fix the problem unless Agile Architecture approaches such as the Value CompoNet Architecture are followed.

Well executed Digitization and Modernization efforts can bring a boost to the overall economy and well being of everyone and especially provide tremendous favor for those holding office while the change happened.

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